Students at Logan River Academy have 4 class periods a day (including JumpStart) with an A/B day school schedule.  JumpStart is a time when the students have additional time to work on assignments and get help from their teachers.  Students have an opportunity to have individual help from their teacher after school as well.  Each evening an hour of personal study time is provided in the dorm.  Grades are handed out biweekly.  Parents receive written updates monthly from the student’s teachers updating them on their academic and behavioral progress and concerns.  Students are motivated to earn good grades because of the additional privileges and opportunities they can receive by doing so.

What does Logan River Academy Academics have to offer?

  • A Fully Accredited Academic Program
  • A formal graduation ceremony with cap and gown, pomp and circumstance, speakers, beaming parents and family, and proud graduates
  • Graduation scheduled each semester so students and parents don’t need to wait for the celebratory experience and students can begin their post-secondary plans
  • Three full semesters offered per year to help students catch up on credits
  • Independent study courses if needed to meet or speed up graduation requirements for dedicated and hardworking students
  • A small student teacher ratio for instruction which allows the teacher to know their students individually, but is still large enough to have a traditional school environment 
  • SAT/ACT prep courses available for English and Math
  • Multiple certified Special Education teachers
  • Current IEPs maintained for funded district students
  • Teachers who make needed accommodations for students
  • Teachers who work with students during Jump Start, lunch and after school
  • Homework lists informing students each day what assignments are due and missing
  • Residential staff and teacher support for students to complete missing assignments
  • A Full-size gymnasium for PE classes and exercise
  • Smooth and easy transition to and from Logan River Academy including:
    • Classes Monday through Friday
    • Similar classes offered as compared to other schools
    • Set class schedules
    • Block schedule
    • Class Changes
    • Library & Computer lab

Logan River Academy Academics supports EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING by …

  • Creating an environment for the students to see the need to change—for them to do their work and turn it in
  • Having structure/routine so the students know what to expect
  • Helping the students organize their work space and keep it clean
  • Chunking projects
  • Using step-by-step approaches to work
  • Teaching expectations
  • Prompting
  • Encouraging students to ask for help
  • Implementing teacher alternatives for negative behaviors and teaching positive behaviors
  • Providing homework lists
  • Teaching about organization in Study Skills
  • Providing assistance during Jump Start to help students clean out and organize their binders
  • Dorm staff and therapists supporting students in respective areas of expertise
  • Helping students learn from and get help from their peers—TAVASI peers are good at providing additional help for student