Monday, September 29, 2014


Logan River Academy art students collaborated to make a cardboard representation of a robot affectionately named Electro. This was a good opportunity for students to problem solve and work as different teams to bring a large project to fruition. The students enjoyed this project and were able to flex their creative and constructive muscles!

Preparing for the Future

Logan River Academy students have now finished their first four weeks of having at least one class in the Learning Resource Center working on online courses.  This is the first semester using online courses to prepare students for the future as more vocational colleges and universities are requiring their students to complete part or all of their coursework through online courses.  We believe having a combination of online courses and traditional classroom courses will benefit our students by helping prepare them for all aspects of their future education. This also gives us the opportunity to offer a wider variety of classes to better meet our students’ interests and needs.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Before we knew it, we were celebrating another Logan River Academy graduation for the students who worked hard and earned their high school diplomas.  At this graduation, we added the recognition of those students who graduated from the program, which includes reaching and maintaining the highest level in our residential milieu and meeting their own individual treatment goals.  Parents from across the United States and half a world away attended to honor the accomplishments of their children.  We were able to hear a teacher, therapists, and students give wonderful speeches.  Of course, many pictures were taken, tears shed, and good-byes said.  We are sad to see the students leave, but excited for the progress they have made and the opportunity for them to move on to the next step in their adventure of life.  Best of luck to all of our graduates!


Logan River Academy helps youth from 13 to 18 years old.

Monday, September 8, 2014


We just finished a great semester of creation and learning at Logan River Academy. Here is a sample of some of the different projects that we did!

Identity Mandalas
For this project I have the students create symbols that represent different personality traits that describe them. Once they have created their symbols they use them to create a mandala wedge which is repeated to create the final design. This is a great project that creates a lot of successful outcomes. See for yourself!

Color Masking Project

For this project we explore the technique of masking and layering and we learn about color schemes. The students are asked to pick three different color schemes from a list and then to create a composition that separately represents those different color schemes using the masking and layer technique. A simple project but can have great results and is effective for teaching color schemes.

Block Print Pattern

For this project the students explore the linocut printmaking process and pattern. The students are asked to create a square design that is symmetrical on a diagonal axis which allows the image to be rotated and create a complete design. This is another project that a lot of the students experience success with. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Les Miserables

This summer some of our Logan River Academy students were able to go to a production of Les Miserables at the Ellen Eccles Theater here in Logan, Utah. Every summer the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theater puts on shows of high quality, so we were excited for the opportunity to expose our students to some great theatre. Before the show the Founder and General Director, Michael Ballam, gave the students an introduction to the play including historical context, information on Victor Hugo and a synopsis of the plot. It made for a long afternoon, but we saw and heard some incredible performances. Some students had never been to a musical production before so it was a great way to get them excited about musicals and theatre, and after the play some students even showed interest in reading the book.