Thursday, July 17, 2014

Activity Day

Logan River Academy celebrated the last day of the term by having an activity day.  This is always a fun time for teachers and students to interact in a less formal way; as one student said, “I liked being able to hang out with my teachers more”.   We played badminton, pulled taffy, played "Guitar Hero" on Xbox, watched movies with popcorn, and played board games. The students were able to pull taffy with the science teacher, hold the snake and watch the snake eat a mouse.  Music filled the hallway as it burst from the art room where the students were able to rock out with Guitar Hero on the Xbox (and we were able to discover who was not shy).  The history teacher showed Thor, not quite historical, but fun. There was also a badminton tournament in the gym along with Dole whips (pineapple smoothies similar to the ones at Disneyland) to cool down the players.


Logan River Academy students work hard and play hard.