Monday, September 8, 2014


We just finished a great semester of creation and learning at Logan River Academy. Here is a sample of some of the different projects that we did!

Identity Mandalas
For this project I have the students create symbols that represent different personality traits that describe them. Once they have created their symbols they use them to create a mandala wedge which is repeated to create the final design. This is a great project that creates a lot of successful outcomes. See for yourself!

Color Masking Project

For this project we explore the technique of masking and layering and we learn about color schemes. The students are asked to pick three different color schemes from a list and then to create a composition that separately represents those different color schemes using the masking and layer technique. A simple project but can have great results and is effective for teaching color schemes.

Block Print Pattern

For this project the students explore the linocut printmaking process and pattern. The students are asked to create a square design that is symmetrical on a diagonal axis which allows the image to be rotated and create a complete design. This is another project that a lot of the students experience success with.