Friday, December 19, 2014

USU & Bridgerland Tours Again

Another group of Logan River Academy students were able to tour Utah State University (USU) and Bridgerland Applied Technology College.   A student’s first impression of our first tour was the beautiful USU campus with snow capped mountains in the background.  It was followed by a video at the Admissions Office where the students learned what it was like to attend USU and the many learning opportunities and activities available.   Next, the students went on a walking tour where they were able to see a clean campus with no trash or anything out of place and the smiling and friendly USU students.   The students learned about the housing opportunities and got to go into one of the dorms to see how they could feel comfortable and at home there.  The final stop was “The Aggie Marketplace” for all-you-care-to-eat dining.  The students enjoyed the delicious food, but did not have enough time to take full advantage of it before they were off to Bridgerland for another tour.  It is a smaller school where students can learn an employable skill in only a year or two for much less money. Overall, it was a successful trip and the students got a good grasp of what opportunities are out there for them after their high school graduation.