Friday, February 6, 2015

A Student and Teacher Relationship

One of the many Logan River Academy students took several classes from one specific LRA teacher who started out with long brown hair with a touch of white.  Over time, the student watched as things began to change for this teacher. One day she noticed that the teacher showed up to work with a new hairdo, only to discover it was a wig. The teacher had shaved her head.   The student also watched as the teacher ate a snack between classes so that she would not vomit, as she was going through chemo treatments.  The student then watched as her teacher struggled with her thoughts as she battled chemo brain and the fatigue from radiation.  The student then turned to her teacher for ideas for a service project.  The student knew she wanted to do something for the Cancer Center and who would be better to learn from but that teacher.  The student, along with several girls, later went with her teacher to the Intermountain-Huntsman Cancer Center in Logan to deliver the blankets they had made for the patients to help them stay warm during their chemo treatments.   The teacher’s appreciation for the student grew stronger as she watched her (and the other girls) show kindness and care to others going through similar experiences in battling cancer.   It was a special experience for everyone involved.