Friday, March 28, 2014

Science Unwrapped

I am the biology and chemistry teacher at Logan River Academy, and on Friday, March 21st, I was able to take four students and a staff member to the local university to an event called Science Unwrapped.  This event is held once a month during the regular Utah State University semester.  The students attended a brief one hour lecture on isotope forensics.  The lecturer was the CEO of a company in Salt Lake City who studies isotopes to solve crimes, old and new.  
After the lecture there were various demonstrations by science students, both undergraduate and graduate.  The Logan River students participated in the demos and talked to lots of people about science and new discoveries.   The demonstrations included radiation testing with Geiger counters, holding Madagascar hissing cockroaches, fingerprint testing, and racing colored food dye in vials of water of different temperatures.  We took an hour to go through all the demonstrations.   The kids were rewarded afterward for their outstanding behavior with an Aggie ice cream cone.  We hope to attend the final Science Unwrapped event of the year in a week.