Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who to Cheer for?

A basketball at rest does not create a dilemma, but when the ball was put in motion on the last day of the term, the teachers at Logan River Academy had a predicament, namely, who to cheer for. There were two teams one could root for in this particular game: the old, flabby staff members who had never played ball together or the physically fit and well-practiced student teams.  

The student teams had participated in the Smithfield Recreation Basketball League since the first Saturday in January.  The staff members had not practiced their basketball skills together.

As expected, the student body cheered their peers. The teachers were left with the question, "Who to cheer for"?

“The Kids”, affectionately named by their scorekeeping peers, came to the game with a very deep bench. They had five starters and another eight to ten players in reserve.  The kids were ready to show what they were made of.  The staff could boast a total of five starters and one bench player who was wearing jeans and someone else’s shoes.

The game was well matched and both teams spent time in the lead at various points in the game. The staff had strong rebound success and seemed to favor the fast break, while the kids relied regularly on three point shots and some strong key players. Help came for the staff late in the game with a shift change; the staff began to sign recruits and rallied for the win with the late team additions.

Both teams fought hard to the final whistle with a final score of ?. [As for the final score of the basketball game, we have no idea.  The scorekeepers cheered for the “kids" so hard that they weren't very diligent in maintaining their scorekeeping duties.  As for the final score of the event, everyone was a winner.]  The game was well attended and all present showed excellent support and gamesmanship.