Friday, November 7, 2014


On Halloween, we had a party for the Logan River Academy students. We started by splitting the students up into three groups and showing them a short Halloween Film. Following the film, the students came to the gym for the party which began with a costume contest. There were four categories for the costume contest; Best use of Material, Most Creative, Most true to character and Best overall. Many of the students dressed up and participated in the contest. The winning costumes were: an 80’s fitness trainer for most creative, an 80’s Cat lady and her cats for best use of material, Steve Urkel for most true to character and Pocahontas for best overall.  After the costume contest, we divided the students into groups and had a haunted house contest. The students were all given the same materials and about 20 minutes to work on their houses. After the 20 minutes, three of the teachers judged the houses and chose three groups for the winners. Some of the students were very focused and creative on their houses. This was followed by refreshments and the students were allowed to participate in a group or individual Halloween photo booth.  The students could use fun holiday themed props to pose in front of Halloween backdrops. Overall the students seemed to enjoy the party and it was a big success.