Friday, November 7, 2014

Scary Stories on the Lawn

As part of a class at Logan River Academy, students went to Stokes Nature Center in Logan Canyon on Halloween eve and listened to Daniel Bishop.  The students drank hot chocolate and sat around a campfire as Daniel told the students about the mysteries and a few of the stories about the canyon, such as Bigfoot and the LakeMonster at Bear Lake.  One of the stories he told was about the Witch of the Wind Caves.  She was a settler in Logan.  But not just any settler, she was an outcast.  Eventually, she moved to Logan Canyon and no one has seen her since.  If you go to Spring Hollow Bridge today in your car at night and park there and if you wait long enough, the fog will come in on the bridge.  If you stay longer, you will start to see shadows in the fog.  If you stay even longer, you will see the witch at your window who will ask you, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”