Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project Reality

Every semester we take a group of students to the County Jail for Project Reality. We take a tour of the facility and then visit a classroom to meet with some of the inmates. There was a group of five inmates who participated in this Project Reality. They came in the room and sat up front, facing the students. They all introduced themselves and then open it up to a question and answer panel. At first students were hesitant to ask questions; they weren’t sure exactly what to ask. Once the first question was asked, however, hands flew up and they were eager to ask questions. The students came up with some thoughtful questions about what the inmates’ plans were after their time was up, how they were going to stay clean, how the students can deal with their own situations to stay out of jail, etc. Some of the inmates had been doing the program off and on for months; for one it was his first time. The students felt like it was a good experience because they could relate to the inmates on different levels. After each trip to Project Reality, students are to write a 1 page response. The responses are given to the County Jail and the Project Reality team is able to read them. It is a great experience for the students, staff, and inmates alike.


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