Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Respect Assembly

Chad Checketts and his son-in-law Wade came and spoke to our student body last week.  They did an interactive presentation which started out talking about the structure of a business he used for Logan RiverAcademy students called “Me Incorporated.”  They talked about all of the different departments in a business and the roles each play.  Then they related those roles to the students’ lives right now.  Both Chad and Wade have gone through different things in their lives that the students were able to relate to.  They talked about what role patterns play in life and how having a good mentor can help you be successful.  They talked about self-worth and how it comes from within--no one has a more powerful effect on you than yourself.   In the end Chad and Wade tied everything to respect and how you have to respect yourself first.  Mistakes happen, relapses happen, but when you have a good mentor and surround yourself with people you trust, you can be successful.

The students really enjoyed the life stories both speakers shared.  There were many who left the assembly saying “that was exactly what I needed to hear this morning.”