Tuesday, April 15, 2014

USU/Bridgerland Tours

Nine Logan River Academy students, the careers teacher, and a staff member recently spent a school day on tours.  The first tour was of Utah State University.  One of the LRA students arranged for the tour to begin at the Military Science building where the students learned about the Army ROTC program and what it took for those students to choose their military career or to have the military pick it for them.  Part of the criteria involved how fast they performed a two-mile run and the number of push-ups they could do.  Then the formal tour began at the AdmissionsOffice where the students learned about Utah State University and some of the benefits of attending.  A USU student ambassador showed the students around campus.  The LRA students learned how the “True Aggie” tradition began and how USU students now become one.  The walking tour included seeing a classroom that seated approximately 400 students and a Monsters, Inc. type book retrieval system at the Merrill-Cazier Library.  This tour was followed by a USU Housing tour where they learned about three different styles of living accommodations and menu plans before they walked through actual USU student living quarters (with students there trying to study).  Many of the students would say the next part was great as they had lunch at the all-you-can-eat Aggie Marketplace.

The final stop was a tour of the Bridgerland Applied Technology College.  Our students found out that many of the hands-on skills programs have open-entry/open-exit courses where they can learn at their own pace.  The students visited the machining, meat cutting, and health departments.  (Some students handled the meat cutting better than others.)  At the end it was a treat to be shown a 3-dimensional printer and some of the things it can create.

Overall it was an interesting and fun day for the students.  They now have a better understanding of a couple post-secondary education options available.  Hopefully it will give them something to look forward to in their future.